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The homosexual witch hunt.

I don’t make it a habit of defending conservative Republicans, but I will in this case. 

At this rate, I am never going to get to blog about the male-female relationship I’d been thinking about for the past few days; but I ran across something interesting on another blog here:, and thought I’d write on it instead.

 Here’s a synopsis of the story. A state representative in Florida was arrested for solitication of same-sex prostitution in a public bathroom. It turned out the person he was solicitating was an undercover police officer – and thus he was arrested.

 What makes this story is funny is that this man is a conservative Christian Republican. His defense? “Well, the guy was black and he was intimidated, he didn’t want to become a statistic. So, he was just making a pass at the guy to try to bail himself out of a bad situation.”

Liberals are having a field day with this, in pointing out the hypocrasies of the religious right and the piss-poor defense this representative gave.

 But I’d like to take a different approach. Too often, it seems we liberals only scratch the surface and do not think of the actual issues. Here’s my issue with the whole situation: why the hell are we still engaged in a witch hunt for homosexuals?

If two guys want to give each other blow jobs in a public bathroom, or anywhere else, why is it my business? This, for me, is simply a modern-day witch hunt for homosexuals. It exists simply as a means to punish homosexual men for being gay. On the surface, it might seem like a way to keep good order and discipline, but do we see this going on in women’s bathrooms or at the bar?

Why is it okay for me to be at a bar, with some girl on my lap and slobbering all over me, but it’s not okay for two men to be intimate in a bathroom stall or anywhere else? Straight sex happens in bathrooms all the time, but that’s not being cracked down on. So why target homosexuals?

 The plight of gay men is already that they can’t really behave intimately in most places in public, and now we’re cracking down on their behaviors in a semi-public place? What’s next, cracking down on two men kissing in the car, at home or at a bar? Gay men already suffer as is from being able to display their affection in public, and at home, it’s not really accepted by most.

 As a taxpayer, I’d rather police officers go out there and focus on, oh, I don’t know, gang violence, rapes, murders, and drunk drivers than standing at some corner stall busting guys for asking for and receiving blowjobs.

Besides, as a police officer, you’ve got to have screwed up pretty bad to be assigned the duty of hanging out at public bathrooms, pretending to be gay and waiting for some guy to come up to you, offering you a blowjob.

The point is that it’s unfair and it’s discriminatory. It’s profiling in a sense, and it seems we scream and yell about airport profiling and will be quick to jump on anyone right-leaning when they are caught in a situation like this. But as true liberals and Democrats, aren’t we supposed be defending their rights? So what if they’re gay and Republicans? They’re people, too. Let’s focus on the real issue here.

But, there’s a lighter issue also at work: bathroom sex can be hot, but why the hell are these men looking for each other in public bathrooms? Isn’t that what gay bars, craigslist, and Promise Keepers meetings are for? If push comes to shove, they can always go to the Catholic Church. But that’s not the point now, is it?

Also, who the hell would PAY to give a blowjob? To be sure, I don’t pay to get one either – but when it comes to the penis, I wouldn’t even want to taste my own. :X But I don’t suppose that’s the point in all of this, is it?


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How are you defending conservatives here, though? Unless you’re suggesting that liberals are somehow the ones engaging in the “homosexual witchunt” you speak of? I hardly think pointing out the hyporcrisy of a “family values” republican getting blown in the men’s bathroom qualifies as a ringing condemnation of same-sex partnering.

Comment by elyzabethe

No, I am defending gay rights, be the homosexual a liberal or conservative, hypocrite or not.

What I am speaking out is not against liberal values, but rather, the liberals who are using the plight of a conservative homosexual for political gain, rather than defending his right to be gay.

If we were truly compassionate, we’d speak out against this police department’s witch hunt for homosexuals, rather than making a big deal about the hypocrasies of gay conservatives.

Am I against gay conservatives who spout anti-homosexual sentiments? Absolutely? But is it still my obligation to speak out for them and against a which hunt for homosexuals? Yes.

Comment by profeministmale

I think it’s important that people are careful not to go into witch-hunt mode (especially if doing so slights gay people), and it’s posibble that some people who are criticizing Bob Allen might be prone to do just that. But I agree with elyzabethe — when liberals go on witch hunts, it’s unlikely they’ll do so against gay people. Maybe they’ll do so against closeted hypocrite gay republicans, but not gay people in general. Still I think it’s great that we keep in mind that it isn’t men sucking c@ck that is the problem here, but rather the circumstances surrounding Bob Allen’s case in particular.

I read the post at pandagon (and the general reaction) this way: Bob Allen wasn’t just trying to have sex in a bathroom–he was trying to pay for sex in a bathroom. The idea that gay men don’t have anywhere else to go, and are being oppressed if we don’t allow sex in bathrooms doesn’t quite fly with me, maybe because the gay men I know don’t approve of soliciting sex in bathrooms, or sex in public places in general, even though they may be limited in their ability to show physical affection for each other in public in general.

And, to top it all off, Bob Allen is a big hypocrite (and, as it turns out, quite the racist on top of it all!).

So, while I applaud your efforts to make sure that calling out hypocritical republicans not turn into slights against gay people, I think your worries in that regard may be misplaced.

Comment by jeffliveshere

What I am against Jeff, as stated before, is not simply just us calling him a hypocrite. Do that all you want. What I am against is the idea of police officers posting in public bathrooms just to catch gay men offering each other blowjobs.

If anything, it’s criminalizing homosexual acts, and as an ally, I t hink it’s the step in the wrong direction. But that’s just me.

Comment by profeministmale

Wait wait wait wait… you said the guy was arrested for soliciting same-sex PROSTITUTION in a public bathroom. Last I checked, that was illegal for both homo- and heterosexuals alike. It doesn’t seem to me that this is about homosexual sex acts as much as offering people money for performing sexual acts, period.

I also don’t think it’s wrong of the democrats to pull out all the stops in criticizing this guy. We liberals have continued to try all we can to help further gay rights, and the conservative right has done everything to reverse that. Forgive me if I feel the need to point the finger and laugh at them for being such backwards hypocritical assholes.

Comment by Marcy

BTW, there are also plenty of undercover cops out trying to catch men soliciting sex from female prostitutes on the streets, and the other way around. It’s not like gays are the only ones being sought out in the realm of paid sex.

I’ll agree with you all the way that gay men and women still get discriminated against in many ways in society, but I don’t think this story is one of them.

Comment by Marcy

But WHY are we posting police officers inside public bathrooms just for the sole purpose of arresting possible gay solicitors is very, very concerning to me.

And let’s be honest here: male prostitution and female prostitution are two different animals, and have a lot to do with economics, oppression and gender roles. Let’s not lump all feminism into one category.

Comment by profeministmale

Male and female prostitution are different, but both are against the law and cops go undercover to catch people doing both. They have to do different things to catch them – like you’re saying, hanging out in the bathroom isn’t likely to catch heterosexual prostitution – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re targeting homosexual prostitution more than heterosexual prostitution. If you have evidence that they are going after the homosexual prostitution much more than heterosexual prostitution, then you have something to be upset about.

Comment by judgesnineteen

Um, it’s for the same reason that we post undercover cops in places that make them likely to catch heterosexuals engaging in this same form of illegal behavior. As Judgesnineteen said, unless you have evidence to show me that they’re making significant efforts to catch one more than the other, I’m not sure I get what the big deal is here.

BTW I just clicked through some links to find an actual news article about this, and it says that the cops were actually staking out a nearby condo trying to catch a burglar when they came across Allen. So, actually, those police officers had *not* been posted up inside a public restroom for the sole purpose of catching a gay man trying to buy some sex.

Comment by Marcy

Whatever the specifics of this case I think its fair to say that police do target beats and they have a history of targetting gay men having peaceful sex without a sex worker in sight.

I think its also fair to say that public figures trying to pick up sex workers always get press attention but that there is probably a particular glee taken in the case when it is a gay public figure. George Michael?

Its homophobia.

Comment by bluemilk

Or rather closeted gay public figure.

Comment by bluemilk

A public bathroom is not the place for this behavior no matter what your orientation is.

Comment by Paul

I agree with Paul. Public bathrooms are disgusting enough without ugly Republicans getting off in them.

Yes, it’s small in the world of illegal things, but then, so is driving five over the speed limit, and people still get tickets for that.

Besides, when a politician who makes a career out of shaking a finger at other people’s sex lives ends up entrenched in sexual scandal, my heart sings a little. 🙂

Comment by RJ

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