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Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

If you’re a friend, you know my story from last semester, and how I nearly failed one of my women’s studies classes, so I am rededicating myself, thus you’ll see a lot of notes on feminist theories – or maybe not. We’ll see.

Tonight, for theory class, I am reading Anne Koedt’s “The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm,” and in this piece, she more or less trashes vaginal orgasms and that “myth” thereof.

While some points I agreed with, I didn’t like the fact that she entirely dismissed vaginal orgasms and that they, indeed, do happen.

Rather than offering alternatives she, much like Freud, whom she also trashed, totally dismissed one for the other. While Freud suffered from the “penis complex,” I think the author here suffered from the anti-vaginal intercourse complex. Rather than saying that both the vagina and clitoris can be stimulated to achieve orgasm, she favored one over the other.

What are your thoughts? I think that while well-intentioned, Koedt was biased in this report, in that she is a gay woman (not to say that lesbians are bad or not they do not enjoy sex in a ‘natural’ way), thus not having the epistomological privilege or vantage point to speak for all women.

I love you al!


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First of all, penises are not required to properly stimulate a woman’s vagina. This can be achieved using just your hands, or a wide variety of toys out there on the market.

Second… It is my understanding, only 1/3 to half of all women are able to have an orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. I guess that means that for that group of women, there is such a thing as a “vaginal orgasm” while the rest of us don’t. At first I want to say that b/c such a large number of women can’t come that way, then there’s something sketchy about it. But then again some women claim to be able to come from nipple stimulation alone, and who are we to tell them that that’s not what they’re experiencing?

I’m curious, what kinds of studies did she use for writing that piece? Or was it purely her opinion? I could see how she might be reacting to being made feel “inferior” as a woman, b/c she can’t come this way, and so is swinging to the opposite extreme.

Comment by Marcy

Marcy –

The link to the article can be found here:

My biggest problem with the piece is that she claims the myth is continued simply because the vagina is the optimal spot for a male to orgasm in(I can’t argue with that), thus we don’t want to acknowlege that vaginal orgasms don’t exist, as a method to continue having more vaginal sex.

What does she expect, me to penetrate a partner’s ear? Ugh! And it makes the assumption that, for some reason, in heterosexuality, the only sex act there is, is penis-in-vagina sex.

That’s not the case – at least for THIS feminist. 🙂

Comment by profeministmale

I don’t think that’s quite what she means. Obviously, vaginal intercourse is an important part of a heterosexual relationship– denying men that would be just as bad as denying women a good orgasm in whichever way works best for her.

I think she’s trying to fight back against all this history of women being viewed as objects for men’s pleasure only (it wasn’t that long ago that we were property, and it was our “duty” to lay there and let the man have his good time w/out being able to really ask for anything in return), and the idea that if we’re not able to have this elusive vaginal orgasm we’re somehow frigid or immature– something I do think many women are sensitive to (sexuality in women is still speculated so much– that fine line between being a whore and being virginal, how you’re somehow expected to be both at once, etc etc etc).

I think her main point is that we need to accept that the main source of sexual pleasure for women is the clitoris (as is the penis for men), and to work with that. Include clitoral orgasm in foreplay. Don’t make women feel bad or inferior if they can’t come from vaginal stimulation alone. Figure out ways to make BOTH partners 100% satisfied, and perpetuate those so that it’s not just men who come every time, but both of you.

Comment by Marcy

Having not read the book, I don’t really know what the author may have based her opinions on…But I can tell you this. Vaginal orgasms do happen! In fact, back in the late 70’s I thought I was weird because I was having vaginal orgasms, but all the studies available at the time, told us that clitoral stimulation was the only way for women to orgasm. Then I took a course in Human Sexuality in college. There I discovered the book about the “G-spot”! Finally, I had found a book that explained what I was experiencing! So, with the studies about the “G-spot”, I would say that there is plenty of evidence for vaginal orgasms.

Comment by fireshadow48

[…] Controversial G-Spot I was just blog surfing a little and found this article “Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm“. If vaginal orgasms are a myth, I have been having mythological sex for 25 […]

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I’m not going to start knocking all of feminist theory, but “Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm” doesn’t stand up against any other science, evolutionary biology for example.
If vaginal intercourse was devoid of please for the female then what reason would a female have to seek out a mate in early proto-human societies? Males and Females both have a drive to reproduce, but if the Female’s isn’t founded in the want for vaginal intercourse then what is it founded in?

…Actually, I’m just going to end this quick.

In the 1970’s they didn’t have the technology to perform a CAT scan, with which we can measure cerebral blood flow (as a measure of brain activity) while a subject it performing a task (clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation, depending on which study you’re looking at).

Yes, they’ve conducted studies on this. Funding doesn’t seem that hard to come by for these things.

And it turns out… they’re real! Not only that but CAT scans can tell if she’s faking it or not:

Evidently the British need CAT scans to tell when she’s just being polite.

Koedt states that the vaginal orgasm is a myth and hard science proves otherwise. Don’t let any of those thickheaded college professors bully you around… show up to class prepared with stats, numbers, and hard data (both supporting and arguing against the presented materials).

Comment by Rob

Freud’s “vaginal” orgasm is the “blended” type orgasm that includes clitoral AND vaginal stimulation. He said that the clitoris retains its function, but he was against the assumption that masturbation is equal to sexual intercourse. Breakthrough research has resulted in Freud’s “vaginal” orgasm–and simultaneous orgasm–“almost always.” Studies describing the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT, termed “The New Intercourse” by Cosmo, can be downloaded free at And,or one can download book reviews for THE PERFECT FIT (DIF/Penguin) by doing an internet search on the term “coital alignment.” The discovery of CAT may be an evolutionary step. Now men and woman can relate.

Comment by Edward Eichel, LHD

I just read the article and i am supposed to do a opinion papaer about it for my feminism class and I had mixed feelings about it. I agreed with Koedt in many parts but others I wasn’t so sure about. I didn’t like how she assumed that men needed women for orgasms since the vagina gives the perfect amount of lubrication and friction and that women didn’t really need men since we don’t need penises to stimulate out clits. Come on, there is such a thing as oral stimulation that can be performed on guys to give them orgams as well.

Also personally speaking, clitoris stimulation is not that great for me. I don’t know if I am among a very small minority in this or not but the spot right below the vagina opening is very sensitive for me and usually that gets me stimulated very well during ‘normal’ vagina-penis intercourse so there goes her theory about the clitoris being the only way to achieve orgasm.

I do agree with her on the point though that society in many respect have come to blame women for not being able to achieve orgasm and usually more is needed to be done to achieve it than just a simple penis vagina penetration.

Comment by Lisa

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