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Sex toys for $10,000????!?!?

Over at Jessica Valenti’s, a discussion regarding Charlie Sheen and Real Life dolls are taking place – and I couldn’t help but do it as well. 

I found this both amusing and a little creepy – so I thought I’d share it, since it is Friday and things ought to be lighthearted.

Now, I am all for sex aide or sex toys or whatever you want to use to enhance your sex lives, but this is pretty weird ( It’s a life-size doll made of silicon and latex and crap that feels real, and is used as sex partners for (mostly men) who otherwise wouldn’t be getting any action.

It comes with a built-in skeleton as to allow the owner to put it into any position desired. There’s also an MP3 player that’ll make the doll moan and such …I guess in this case, the only “button” to push to turn her on is …well, the “on” button. It also comes with a heating system that’ll bring the doll’s temperature up to 98.6 degrees.

The intent of this, for many men, of course is to get the perfect partner without having to do the leg work. It’s all the “sex” you want without ever hearing no, or having to hear her talk or negotiate mutually pleasurable activities.

Nevermind the fact that every person has some sort of a short-coming and no one is perfect. In this fantasy world for these men, women will behave whoever they want, look as good as they want, without any of the reality of what a woman really is.

As one man says of the dolls: “For the most part, it’s just like sex with an organic woman…who doesn’t say anything and is brimful of Quaaludes.” I don’t know what the rest of the quote meant, but one can stop after the word “anything” and know what kinds of people these men are.

But it gets worst! Some of these dolls are made into the shapes of teenagers or sometimes even younger. What’s going to be included in the MP3 player, a soundbite of the doll singing the Barney song?

From a feminist perspective, it’s probably a good thing, because so long as they have their robotic lovers, these men won’t be going out and trying to mate with women. Results? No babies! Honestly, because people like these shouldn’t be raising kids.

Another point, too, is that this quite effectively ends the debate of whether women are golddiggers and will only have sex with rich men. If these guys are shelling out $10,000 for a doll, they’re pretty rich, okay? So, why are they having to buy a doll instead of just courting one of those “golddiggers?” Oh, yeah, because golddigers don’t exist – only men using that idea as an excuse for not getting laid.



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You need to watch the documentary here. These actually aren’t terribly wealthy men, and there is probably some sort of financing plan. I say let them have the dolls. As long as they are out of the dating pool, it works for me.

Comment by Mary

I can’t help but think, Mary, that this is part of a rape culture of sort. A woman who can’t say no, who looks like a sleeping girl, who is just there for his pleasure? Hmmm. Sounds pretty like rape to me.

Comment by profeministmale

Oh, it’s totally part of the rape culture. I was just saying that I’d rather they take those impulses out on an inanimate object than a real person that they meet in the dating scene. In the meantime, we need to eliminate the rape culture, because I just don’t see any rehabilitation of these guys.

Comment by Mary

So, it’s disturbing, I’ll agree with that… but part of me also wonders what’s so different between a man wanting a toy to have sex with that won’t ask for anything in return, vs a woman using a vibrator/dildo for her own selfish pleasure. I guess for the dildo you don’t have the rest of the man attached, but that’s sort of more for convenience than anything else.

That said, the idea of a man having such a life-like sex doll is still pretty creepy.

Comment by Marcy

Marcy, a vibrator or dildo is an object, and that’s all we think of it as being. Whereas the doll is representing a woman, but it’s still an object. Which, to these kinds of men, is what a real woman is – hence the term objectification. I can’t explain it as well as some of the wonderful comments at feministing – you should go check some of those out, because they’re far more articulate.

Comment by krissy

If a man believes women are objects, the only “woman” he should have any contact with ought to actually BE an object. It seems fair enough.

This way, at least, he’s less likely to end up like this guy:
Misogynist Idiot

And yes, I am the RJ from the comments section.

Comment by RJ

I’ve been confronted with this idea many times in the last little while. As a feminist, a sexual assault educator and counsellor AND a sex toy retailer, I find it very confusing. What I am thinking right now is that maybe we’re on the wrong track by confusing the desire to get a doll that won’t talk and won’t move with the desire to have sex with an actual woman who won’t talk and won’t move. I don’t think that it is a part of the rape culture necessarily. Isn’t it possible that a lot of the men who buy these dolls, for whatever reason, don’t want to pursue sex with real women. Maybe they don’t have a lot of social skills, maybe they prefer fantasy to reality, maybe they don’t want a relationship and feel like it’s easier or safer to do this instead. Or maybe they have perfectly normal healthy relationships with women but the idea of the doll itself (not what the doll represents but the doll itself) is exciting. I think we are missing the concept that maybe the sex with the doll is exciting and fun. I have a long-term sex partner and I love him and our sex life but I also have a lot of toys and there are times when I would rather play with the toy because I like it! I think the fact that the toy looks like a woman has led us off track a bit. We are also forgetting that the majority of men, even if they had the money, would not be interested in this type of toy – a lot of them prefer totally non-representational types of toys. I think it’s just a personal preference and it shouldn’t be judged.

Comment by palepurple

Wow, not having checked my blog comments for a while, I missed the great comments here, some of which are from readers who are also readers of feministing. 🙂 Thanks, ya’ll, for your thoughtful responses.

Comment by ProFeministMale

I just had to say that was a pretty ignorant comment made suggesting that those who own the dolls are probably rapist and part of the rapist culture, because if you really think about it a man who likes to rape women probably “gets off” by struggling screaming victim, these dolls don’t do that. Now I don’t own one but could honestly say I wouldn’t mind having one (not the ones that look like children). I am not a rapist, I actually have been forced to have sex with some women I lost my virginity when I was 13 and have never been turned down when I pursued sex, I have dozens of friends and good social skills., but like I said I wouldn’t mind having one and I’m not a rapist. When a person masturbates is that creepy? Who knows what fantasy is playing out in there heads? Those who are into S.M. who mimic getting raped and held against there will, now that’s creepy! Please don’t take offense but you all know that in some way,shape,or form You are jealous of these dolls, because they beautiful are somewhat perfect and will always be that way,I was jealous of my girlfriends 12″ dildo but I knew I wasn’t always around and she needed her urges satisfied and I’d rather her play with her sex toys than to leave me for some other man. Just don’t prejudge people who have those dolls and suggest that there rapist that’s like saying people who wear dresses and makeup are prostitutes.

P.S. Who ever said that there are no such thing as golddiggers was probably accused of being one,lives in a cave, is naive, or completely delusional!
“and that’s one to grow on”

Comment by Ebiv

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