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40 days of anti-choice protest

Since Sept. 26, anti-choicers, in an effort to bring to light the “tragic” facts of abortion, have protested at abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood everywhere, with the intentions of changing the minds of those who have reached the decision to terminate a pregnancy. As well, they intend on making their voices known – as a way to influence politicians hoping to get elected, to climb on their bandwagon.


Where are we as pro-choicers? We’re silent. We’re sitting there and staring back, as if the right to choose is something that’s secured for every woman, everywhere.

Although their protests are built-up as silent vigils, any of you who’ve escorted patients to an abortion clinic know it’s not true. Often times, it’s loud, obnoxious and in violation of a woman’s right to choose. Their tactics are uncanny, extreme and can be very upsetting.

I don’t mind dialogue, and I don’t have a problem with people who share different ideologies than ours. But when the revert to name calling and carrying signs with pictures of aborted fetuses, the dialogue is gone, and there’s nothing left but pure passion – that kind of passion that tears America apart, rather than heals us as a nation.

So, I am asking you – the pro-choicers whom I’ve grown to know and love, to volunteer your time at various clinics, acting as a cushion between the religious wrong, and the women who need our compassion and love – not judgment and insults.

Pro-lifers often want to be vocal about their ideals – yet they don’t want to take actions. They want to raise signs and call names, and pray for everyone, but they would never take the time to adopt. Only if they’d stop for one second and think about it – they’d know that Planned Parenthood is more than just about abortions – it’s about responsible parenting.

Let’s show them we can take a higher road. Let’s volunteer at these places, not as counter-demonstrators, but as those who are there to love and support – as those might not ever understand the decision of an abortion, but have chosen to honor the sacredness the decision between a woman, her family and her God.

Let’s be the shining of examples of what it means to love and accept. Let’s volunteer at a Planned Parenthood today.

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There are flyers for this all over my campus. “Take a hand, not a life” with a picture of a cute little baby.

We have an activities fair on campus where all the student groups set up booths and sign people up and give stuff away. This past time, I went to the anti-choice group, since nobody was paying attention to them. I started asking questions. “It’s very noble of you to try to reduce the number of abortions. How do you plan to do that?” All I got was a bunch of crap about abstinence and marriage and the myth of killing babies. So I tried again: “What about birth control? Condoms? Pills? Education? That’s the only proven method to reduce abortion. Are you supporting that?” No answer. And then, “We like to let women know that there are other options besides abortion, like adoption.”

So I said, “Oh, so you are encouraging your members to adopt these children?” No answer. And then, “We just don’t think there is any such thing as an unwanted pregnancy.” Heh. Try saying that loudly in a crowded room, and watch it clear.

It warmed my heart that day that the Planned Parenthood booth was really jumping, even on this very Republican campus. I think it’s important, in all this, to remember that the anti-choicers are not about life, but about shaming women who have sex. Otherwise, they’d be all for birth control and education. When you remember that, it motivates you more to volunteer as a taxi or escort for your local clinic. I can’t wait until there are more of us volunteering at clinics than there are of them protesting.

As an aside, I heard somewhere (sorry, don’t remember where) that the bloody pictures the anti-choicers scare people with are usually of stillbirths, not abortions. I tend to believe that, since most aborted fetuses don’t look like fully formed babies, and I wouldn’t put it past these people.

Comment by Mary

Mary – thanks for your hard work – and my apologies for a late response. Busy, busy! I find that too often, people don’t scratch the surface of the issue and are solely focused on abortion. They sadden me.

Comment by ProFeministMale

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