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Gen Peter Pace is still an asshole and homophobe

This is funny. It really is funny. At work this morning, the thing that’s being passed arpimd is at the below link. those who can’t see the picture, it’s a note card written to his platoon, with four stars pinned on it. It says, “These are yours, not mine. With love and …”

Apparently, former Chief of Staff Peter Pace, who not once, but twice as CoS condemned homosexuals serving in the military and also made some very anti-women comments earlier in his career, put that below at the Vietnam Memorial in DC.

A little chubby Navy girl showed it to me and goes, “You read it, because if I read it, I’ll cry.”

It’s written to his platoon – many of whom died during the Vietnam War. It was written as a way to “honor them” saying that he owes them for these stars, and they made him who he is today.

Everyone was moved by it. I asked the question of why it’s so touching knowing that he is anti-women and anti-gays.

He was a leader of all troops, speaking out against homosexuality, equating it to adultery.

I am sorry – but being unfaithful to the person you love is wrong – and should be condemned, but two people in love, sharing the gift of love and touch and emotions is not wrong.

I wonder if he knew that some of those who died during the Vietnam War was gay, whether he would still have done what he did.

The military wants to talk about leadership and love and brotherhood – but it only applies if you’re straight, god-loving and buy into its ideals.

“People’s actions speak louder than their words, why are we moved by this bigot?” I asked.

She walked away and said, “You’re ignorant.”

Who’s really ignorant here – the person who will be moved by a gesture of a bigot, or one who recognizes the inconsistency in all of this? I vote for the former.

The fact of the matter is this: either these people in the military are really fucking dumb, or have been brainwashed. The logic is clear as day – you can’t be a leader and appreciate your troops, unless you accept for who they are. As a leader, you lead all people – just not the people you don’t see as being sinful.

Peter Pace can go fuck himself too, now that he’s retired. Sometimes, war is a good thing – it weeds out people like that.

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This may not be a popular comment or opinion, but I feel the need to express it anyway…

People are not all black and white, good or evil. I know many people that hold horribly prejudiced views of blacks, gays, etc, and it saddens me that they think this way. At the same time, that doesn’t make them terrible people, and it doesn’t mean they have not done good things with their lives or shouldn’t be given any respect. My grandparents come to mind. Many of their views are a product of the times in which they were raised, and they have definitely done some crappy things and said some hurtful things. Yet they also have done a lot of good things, including raise 7 highly successful, well-functioning, productive and happy children. I respect them for that.

I’m not trying to in any way excuse racism, homophobia, mysoginy (sp?), or any kind of prejudice. I certainly think that people who make prejudiced comments should be put in their place. My point is only that, even if they hold some despicable views, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily 100% despicable and incapable of doing anything good or worthy of praise/respect. (this sort of also applies to your earlier post about the military)

I have to say, I also find it odd that you felt the need to mention that the Navy girl was chubby.

Comment by Marcy

Lots of venom in your post, but not too many facts.

Anti-woman comments? Like what?

“Many of his platoon” died? He left 4 cards at the Wall. One for each of the Marines he lost.

I don’t agree with his views on homosexuality, either. But people are complex – and his views on homosexuality are more subtle than you represent them here. Not subtle enough for me to agree with them, but more subtle than for you to label him (and all sericemembers) “really fucking dumb.”

Everyone has layers. You, for example, are probably not just an angry person who doesn’t like chubby girls. But if all we ever knew of you was this site…

Comment by Curious

I agree with Marcy on this one. Plus, it makes us just as bad if we judge people.

I cannot help but comment on your more recent posts. You seem very angry and close-minded. In order to be a good leader, you must be open and able to see the other side.

Comment by Jen

Are you going to beat up every person who does not agree with you? Will you call everyone names if you do not like what they think? Like you called that girl chubby? That was meant to be hurtful because she did not agree with you.

You are just as bad as the people you hate if you express yourself in the ways you just did. If you want to be taken seriously as a feminist and an adult, you need to grow up and stop the name calling.

Comment by Honest

I am also a little disheartened that you felt the need to mention that the girl was chubby.

I’m not exactly what you would call thin; I prefer to think of myself as voluptuous. But there’s a lot of people out there who will call me all kinds of “fat” names because I am not a size 4.

I wonder, if you ever met me and I said something you disagreed with, would you attack my physical appearance as well?

Comment by MzStilletto

Allow me to response – when I used the word “chubby,” it was merely to point out the contradictions in terms of, when I am speaking of the military, how people claim to be so fit, yet aren’t. It was not a direct insult at anyone – and although used poorly, was aimed at pointing out the inconsistency of most military people.

Comment by profeministmale

And all – very well criticism and I note them; I just get very frustrated at times, at the hateful nature of misogyny and homophobia. The “man” in me just wants to kick the shit out of everyone and get done with it. But as we’ve seen, force is not often an effective way of going about doing things – the war in Iraq is a prime example.

Comment by profeministmale

Your comments show that you lack an understanding of women. In addition, you continuously bash the military, which I find disgraceful- to say the least. This country may not be perfect, but what is? There are a lot of countries out there that have major issues. Women are mistreated in unbelievable ways. It goes to show that our country really is not so evil towards women. And before you go into your comment about how we need to help our own country, maybe you should think about that.

Comment by Me

Wait – what’s to say that women in other countries and women in America can’t be helped at the same time. I find your comment about “understand women” to be problematic – it’s as if women and men are hardwired to think differently. If you could explain that to me, it’d be much appreciated.

As for the whole “disgrace” thing with the military – what I find more of a disgrace is an organization built to do so much good is doing so much evil. I’ve done my time in the desert, I’ve given my time to America’s military, and although I may not believe in its ideals any longer, nor do I respect me, anyone who claims to have respect for the military should at least give me the right to speak ill of it. I’ve done my time.

Comment by profeministmale

i just cant belive that you claim to have been a soldier, your a disgrace to the name. The fact he has differing veiws to you on girls, gays and other topics does mean an officer should be mocked an criticsied for paying tribute to his fallen men.

Comment by Glenn

To:Profiministmate.I really feel sorry for you.I do believe you need Medical help, the sooner the better.Ret MSG, US ARMY.The best you.GOD BLESS. Please seek help.

Comment by Lee Collins

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