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The sexism of Southern Baptists …

You know, I am all for people pursuing their religious beliefs, and practicing their beliefs and living  life as they see fit, but things like these piss the hell out of me.

It’s an article about a Texas university that’s offering classes on “being a good homemaker,” as part of sociology classes – although a Bible college, it’s still pretty disturbing – especially the quote below.

“Feminists are right to be concerned about how this agenda plays out among nominal Southern Baptists,” says Dr. Brad Wilcox, a sociologist at the University of Virginia. “But this model works quite well for traditional religious couples. Conservative, Protestant, churchgoing women are happier than other wives, generally, and their work around the home is more appreciated than that of women who are not married to churchgoing, Protestant men.” 

In short, what this class is teaching are the “roles” in which women must have  in the homes – that husbands are the bread winners, and wives are supposed their roles and “submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband.” At this divinity college, women are learning to be homemakers, and the majority of the staff members are men. It’s also a theological college, but as the patriarchy would have it, none of the women are allowed to pursuit those divinity degrees. Why? Because God said so. Essentially, these people are saying at men and women have different roles, and it’s not interchangeable – that they’re equal under the eyes of God, but the women must submit to their husbands, and be “discreet, chaste homemakers.”What the fuck? Doesn’t that sound eerily like “separate, but equal?” As we all know, separate but equal isn’t.

 I support religion, and I believe that in the end, people are responsible for their own search of the truth …but when said beliefs and “truths,” are used to push women back into the private sphere, while men are still the movers and shakers of the world, I have a problem with that. I have a problem with treating women like servants, as if they’re not intelligent or capable enough to do the jobs that men have been “assigned” to be the public spheres.

More importantly, it gives men an excuse to not share the division of labor that women endure in the private sphere. Let’s face it – cleaning the toilet, doing laundry and accomplishing the mundane bullshit of life aren’t exactly exciting for most people. Somehow, to claim that women naturally enjoy cleaning toilets is just an insult to them.  

At the end of the day, these Southern Baptists can claim religion as an excuse for their practice, but in truth, I’ll call it what it is: sexist, discriminatory, archaic and misogynistic.Women aren’t objects. They’re people – the same people as men, and should be afforded every opportunity to do what they want, instead of what the patriarchal, religious and sexist institution wants them to do. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sexist and probably an idiot … 

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I can’t believe this is part of a sociology course. I thought sociology was supposed to be un-bias…i suppose it depends where the class is taught.

Also, Re: your question on feministing… I think you absolutely should take the position. Obviously you are pro-equality and identify with feminism in a very real way. Why wouldn’t you take the position? I understand the thought of you not taking it based on the fact that you are male but the truth is, feminism is about giving everyone equal opportunities and if you didn’t take the job based purely on your sex, that’s just as wrong… ya know? Also, it would be great to see a leader of the feminist movement at your university a male, if anything this may encourage more men to endorse feminist views and show that it is socially acceptable to be male and feminist.
Let me know what you decide to do, i’m very curious 🙂

Comment by Galina

Can you imagine that in the modern world with all the television representations of women doctors and priests, lawyers and judges that there are girls who buy into this, who believe that they have no choice. That God will only love them if they are subserviant- Bummer…

Comment by laiven

PFM, what if a woman taking this course *wants* to be a homemaker?

Comment by Exposing Feminism

Then should she be able to choose what she wants to be, but when a patriarchal system defines for a woman what she should or should not do or pursue, based on doctrines created by the patriarchy, with gender roles as its supposed evidence, I have a problem with that.

Comment by ProFeministMale

I see – so you would advocate this sociology class for a woman who *wants* to be a homemaker?

Comment by Exposing Feminism

Expose – isn’t that the idea of feminism? Yes, it is. I am surprised I even have to have this conversation with you. For someone who seeks to “expose” feminism, you’re not very well-read on what it means to be a feminist.

Comment by ProFeministMale

Exposing, there is nothing wrong with wanting to take a class like this.

There IS something wrong with opening the class to WOMEN ONLY. Don’t you think men should have the same opportunity to take the class as women?

Comment by SarahMC


‘Expose – isn’t that the idea of feminism? Yes, it is. I am surprised I even have to have this conversation with you. For someone who seeks to “expose” feminism, you’re not very well-read on what it means to be a feminist.’

I suggest you read for an explanation for why I will not engage with you along that line of thought.


This course may be exclusively for women, but it is not compulsory.

So, why attack women who do want to be a housewife? Can anyone explain this?

Comment by Exposing Feminism

EF, who’s attacking women who want to be housewives?
You’ll find that none of us has done such a thing.

Why don’t you have a problem with the fact that the course excludes men? Shouldn’t men have all the opportunities women have?
Or is being a stay-at-home-spouse beneath men?

Comment by SarahMC

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