America’s Next Bill Clinton!

Hillary Clinton’s “break down” and an asshole …

I want to focus on Clinton’s so-called “melt down” last night and how assertions from the media – and mostly the conservatives, are that she set feminism back about 20 years.

But first, look at this video and tell me it doesn’t piss you off. If I were there, I’d kick him in the chest:

For those who don’t know, at a recent roundtable discussion, Senator Clinton showed emotions in talking about her visions for America, and what are, to be sure, the struggles her campaign has faced.

“This is very personal for me,” she said. “It’s not just political. It’s not just public. I see what’s happening and we have to reverse it.

“Some people think that elections are a game, it’s about who’s up or who’s down. It’s about our country and it’s about our kids’ future.

Because she somewhat teared-up during that discussion, some critics are now labelling her as “weak,” and making women seem emotional and unable to control their feelings.

She wasn’t being a “woman.” She was being a human being. She was showing the side that matters and what guys like Edwards have advocated and asked for in politics – genuine feelings. Isn’t it time we get away from corporate politics and get back to what really matters – truly loving and caring for our fellow Americans as well as our nation?

It’s funny, because I know that if Obama or Edwards broke down, there would be no talk of them being a “woman.” They would look like they’re sensitive and are in touch with their feelings – and critics would say that is the exact change America needs. But because this is Hillary Clinton, people are viewing her as a woman and not a politician. I can’t help but get a little ticked off.

I am sorry that Clinton didn’t act like “one of the boys.” I am sorry that she showed she had feelings. She is not supposed to be a man. She doesn’t want to be a man. She is a human being with emotions and with a geniune love for America – as the majority of politicians – Republicans or Democrats – do.

The bottom line is Clinton has no obligation to act “accordingly.” She is an accomplished woman who has many things to offer America – and if in the course of her campaign, she happens to show her human side, what’s wrong with that?

Furthermore – why do people write off her emotions as fake? Why not give Clinton the benefit of the doubt? Why not TRUST women? Sure, Edwards can talk about his personal life and growing up poor, and Obama can talk about his journey to finding faith, and no one finds it to be fake, but Clinton does it and they do? Why? Because she’s a woman.

I also heard something yesterday that made me frown. Someone told me that he questioned Clinton’s motives. Well, I’ll tell you her motives: she wants to make America a better place. She wants to see progress. She wants to ensure the American Dream is securely fastened in the hands of every man, woman and child.

How and why else would a person run for political office? Why else would someone have political aspiration? The majority of politicians have paid their debt to society to get where they are, while they could have taken the easy way out. Public life is not fun. Travelling to campaign is not a walk in the park – but they’re committed to doing it because they’re committed to America. Let’s give them, and in this case, Clinton, some credit, huh?

I could crawl in a hole – I could be taking the easy life at school, I could have a damn easy school schedule, and I could just turn a blind eye, but I don’t. Why? Because I care about America and believe with the right education, I have what it takes to change America. I am busting my ass to build a political future, and when I do run for office, I’ll be damned if anyone questions my “motive.”


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That’s really unfortunate… and it’s kinda inconsistent to label her “weak” for showing emotions, then turn around and claim that those emotions weren’t genuine. Wouldn’t she then be manipulative more than anything?

I agree with you, it’s nice to see a politician actually really care about the issues for once, instead of just giving some face time here and there. I’d like my president to show some emotion and feelings and passion about what s/he believes in.

Comment by Marcy

I just surfed into your site from Feministing. I like your blog as well as this post, but I would have to say that the last part seems a bit naive.

There are lots of corrupt and megalomaniacal public servants, unfortunately. If you were a white collar criminal or a twisted, power-hungry visionary, what is the best job you could have? President of the USA, that’s what. Dirty people seek out the highest positions in the most powerful places, so our democratic system is very vulnerable, and we need be vigilant.

Perhaps this is hard for you to imagine because you are sincere in your pursuits. I think that’s great and I wish we had more people like you getting voted in, instead of the entitled class, born and strategically bred to assume power in high profile political careers.

Comment by eliza

Marcy – the patriarchy can’t just have its cake and eat it too. Either she is “weak” and cannot cut it as president, or she is manipulative, and is like the majority of the candidates they deem to have the same characteristics.

Then again, she could also just be strong, and at the same time, can show emotions. But I guess that’s never possible because, you know, she’s a woman. It’s fucking sad.

Comment by profeministmale

Eliza –

I understand what you mean – and ideals are nice when one is still pursuing a career in politics, but I get the feeling temptations are going to be great once power becomes available.

If I were a praying man, I’d pray that I don’t lose my sense of values and convictions.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Comment by profeministmale

Exactly, PFM.

Go ahead, people – call Hillary “weak and emotional” (over something that did not even amount to crying).

But you don’t get to call her cold and calculating in the next breath. Both are gendered stereotypes that leave Hillary in a catch-22.

p.s. Where is all the outrage over male politicians who cry? Boehner cries on an almost daily basis.

Comment by SarahMC

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