America’s Next Bill Clinton!

Bush fucks over children with veto

If you’re not angry, you should be. If you’re unaware, you should teach yourself a thing or two about the Bush Administration.

Bush, just earlier today, vetoed a bill that would dramatically expand the lives of children – a bill which would have subsidized health insurance costs for, in total 11.5 million children in America.

I am all for playing politics. However you want to market your political products, and whatever political decisions you make, is your own, no matter if you’re Republican or Democrat. There is a need to politick and shake hands and cut deals.

But draw the line at children!

I guess it’s okay to send billions of dollars overseas for Hali-Burton and Blackwater, in a war we’re not supposed to be in, but to take care of children in our own country is out of the question, huh?

Compassionate my ass.

I knew the Bush Administration was fucked up and backward, and stops at nothing for social justice – but this is over the top.

And to have the audacity to proclaim, just two days ago, to be Children’s Day? It’s unethical, it’s heartless, it lacks compassion and it’s everything I expect the Busg Administration to be.

If this doesn’t fuel your fire, very little in the world will. This is a perfect example of why I am devoting my life to fighting for social justice. We are the lucky ones in life. We’ve been given a voice. Now, we must use that voice to speak for others, who – for too long – have been denied a chance to speak.

Good news (although it’s sad that it should happen this way)¬†for us, this might be the last straw that’ll break the camel’s back. Come 2008, the White House is ours.