America’s Next Bill Clinton!

Porn is rape/degrading.

 Sorry. I don’t know why the picture didn’t come up. But you can click on the link  I’ll save the discussion of why porn is rape for when I get back from vacation. In fact, I’ve been visiting a lot of porn stores to research the issue of women and the image thereof in porn, examining the intersectionality between sex, gender, power, economic status, race and class – and what it has to do with porn (don’t forget age, too). But for now, here’s a picture I took a few days ago of a porn DVD cover. The sticker was bought at a feminist conference. What I’ll do is, from now on, I’ll go ahead and bring the stickers everywhere I go. If you want some, let me know. I hope everyone is doing well. I also have quite an interesting story on how I had to give my mom a speech on why when I get married, we (although I don’t know who will be my wife yet) are not going to involve diamonds. Because diamonds are also oppressive and not romantic.