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Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

If you’re a friend, you know my story from last semester, and how I nearly failed one of my women’s studies classes, so I am rededicating myself, thus you’ll see a lot of notes on feminist theories – or maybe not. We’ll see.

Tonight, for theory class, I am reading Anne Koedt’s “The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm,” and in this piece, she more or less trashes vaginal orgasms and that “myth” thereof.

While some points I agreed with, I didn’t like the fact that she entirely dismissed vaginal orgasms and that they, indeed, do happen.

Rather than offering alternatives she, much like Freud, whom she also trashed, totally dismissed one for the other. While Freud suffered from the “penis complex,” I think the author here suffered from the anti-vaginal intercourse complex. Rather than saying that both the vagina and clitoris can be stimulated to achieve orgasm, she favored one over the other.

What are your thoughts? I think that while well-intentioned, Koedt was biased in this report, in that she is a gay woman (not to say that lesbians are bad or not they do not enjoy sex in a ‘natural’ way), thus not having the epistomological privilege or vantage point to speak for all women.

I love you al!