America’s Next Bill Clinton!

I just occured to me that the blog is being talked about over at another feminist board related to I Blame the Patriarchy – and negatively. I think it’s a wonderful things because while positive things makes us believe in what we say even stronger, the negative things force us to examine our beliefs.

Rather than addressing all the issues at the moment, I wanted to take time out to simply say that, perhaps, I was wrong all along and that i am sorry. Perhaps all the patients and teachings and devotion my WMST professors showed to me have gone to waste – and that rather than truly understanding the issues and seeing things from a true feminist view, I am still looking at the world from a very patriarchal view full of male privilege and the lack of true understanding.

I could (but wouldn’t) say that this is MY brand of feminism and no one has the right to critique it. But that would be the wrong thing to do. My intent is to become a better person in life, not to always be “right.”

Perhaps I ought to take more time to listen to the veterans of feminism – and those who come before me. Perhaps starting fights in bars for feminism isn’t such a great thing. Perhaps I only see it as effective because it’s a showing of my musculinity.

In any regard, I will be examining my personal life in the next weeks (and beyond), and perhaps with the patience and teachings of those who have truly understood why we fight, I can become a better person, and thereby affecting those around me to move to action as well.

Know that my intentions are good. It’s just that sometimes, caught in the passions of what I feel is right, I wear my heart on my sleeve and do not take enough time to examine the complexities of what it truly means to be a feminist.

I hope to learn, hear and be critiqued by you.