America’s Next Bill Clinton!

Misogyny at its best.

Browsing through the news this morning, I ran across this story

It’s extremely sad that in the patriarchy, entertainment to men seems to take priority over the life of a woman. This goes to further show that women aren’t seen as people – but rather objects. Their lives are valued less than that of man. So long as someone is entertained, all is good. So long as someone is satisfied with entertainment, no one gives a damn about women’s lives. After all, in the patriarchy, women are seen as the objects of pleasure (and not just sexually) to men.

More upsetting? The fact that some posters to the story aren’t outrage. “There are bigger things going on in the world,” one poster writes.

Only if that poster can see the connection between misogyny and its abundance in our culture.

Watersports can be hot – depending on how kinky you are, but this is assault. I hope the guy gets his ass kicked in jail.