America’s Next Bill Clinton!

Loser, possesive men

One of the signs the guy you’re dating is a loser? He’s possessive!

Last night, I had a girl I had a thing with this summer come over to watch “The Death of a President” with a couple of friends, and she brought the guy she’s dating over. At first, he seemed pretty cool, and we drank wine and hung out and all until the movie was over.

He was on the couch, she was laying on the floor and I was sitting on the floor. So, bored, I started tossing a bottle cap at her face and we started playing catch with it. I then started very platonically stroking her face and the back of her hand (I do that to all my close female friends and former objects of affections).

The next thing I knew, he stormed out of the house. She called him to see what was going on, and he was screaming on the phone, telling her that I was flirting with her and was afraid I might take her away from him.

WTF! My God, she’s now a friend and I was only showing her affection and entertaining her! This dude thought, for some reason, we were going to jump on the couch and have sex like rabbits or something. This is even despite the fact that I spoke about having interest in other girl!

What’s wrong with these men who are so possesive of the women they’re dating that they’re not allowed to have other guy friends? It’s fucking crazy! Jesus freaking Christ!

And you know what else? They’re not really officially an item and this guy is already acting like this. I don’t understand it. Some men think that just because they’re dating a girl means that they’re supposed to cut off contact with all their guy friends.

I don’t know — maybe I intimidate some men, making them think I am going to steal their women! But you know what, there’s a reason she’s a thing of the past — and it’s that she didn’t make the check list! So, why would I want her again? She’s a good friend, just like all the women in my past, and that’s it!

Why, God, why do these guys get so possesive?

Misogyny at its best.

Browsing through the news this morning, I ran across this story

It’s extremely sad that in the patriarchy, entertainment to men seems to take priority over the life of a woman. This goes to further show that women aren’t seen as people – but rather objects. Their lives are valued less than that of man. So long as someone is entertained, all is good. So long as someone is satisfied with entertainment, no one gives a damn about women’s lives. After all, in the patriarchy, women are seen as the objects of pleasure (and not just sexually) to men.

More upsetting? The fact that some posters to the story aren’t outrage. “There are bigger things going on in the world,” one poster writes.

Only if that poster can see the connection between misogyny and its abundance in our culture.

Watersports can be hot – depending on how kinky you are, but this is assault. I hope the guy gets his ass kicked in jail.